Red Clover [Trifolium pratense]

Red Clover Red Clover
General Information: Red Clover is a perennial weed found on all types of lawn lawns throughout in the UK. The flowers and leaves are larger than those of white clover. Unlike white clover it has a tufted growth form and strong tap root and it will grow in a more upright position.

Leaf: Red Clover leaves are divided into three leaflets. Each leaf has a distinct whitish 'V' marking.

Flower: Red Clover flowers from May to October. The flowers are similar but larger than white clover but are a pinkish - red colour.

Preferred Habitat: Red Clover can be found on all types of soil.

Control: Hand weed individual plants if they are few in number. For a more widespread problem use a selective weed killer containing mecoprop or alternatively a weed killer containing a such as 'Verdone Extra', A further application 6 weeks later but one application is usually enough to control this weed.

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