Common Ragwort [Senecio jacobaea]

Common Ragwort lawn weed

General Information: Ragwort can be a problem on fine lawns but is more common on low maintenance and neglected lawns. Ragwort which is a biennial weed is native to the UK. This weed produces tough stems with a purple base as seen in the photo.

Leaf: Ragwort leaves have jagged lobes which are divided into segments.

Flower: The yellow flowers can be seen from June to October as they form dense clusters on branched stalks.

Preferred Habitat: Ragwort will happily grow in most types of soil conditions.

Control: A well maintained lawn that is regularly mown is the best way of keeping ragwort off you lawn. If it does become a problem hand weed individual plants if they are few in number (make sure gloves are worn when handling this weed). For a more widespread problem use a selective weed killer containing 2,4-D or MCPA. It is very important to treat Ragwort at the rosette stage for the most effective control. A further application 6 weeks later will be needed.

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