Parsley-Piert [Aphanes arvensis]

Parsley Piert Parsley Piert
General Information: Parsley Piert is an annual weed which spreads quite rapidly by creeping stems. It can be a major problem weed in lawns throughout the UK especially on nutrient deficient lawns that are mown too closely.

Leaf: Parsley-piert has small fan shaped leaves, which are deeply toothed and each leaf bears 3 lobes.

Flower: Parsley-piert flowers are green in colour and can be seen between the months of April and September. They form in clusters at the base of the leaves and are very small.

Preferred habitat: As previously mentioned parsley-piert prefers dry, nutrient deficient sandy soils that are mown very short.

Control: Hand weeding is ideal for parsley-piert as it is a shallow rooting weed. Avoid mowing the lawn too short as this weed favours closely mown turf. Encourage a thick sward with a balanced fertiliser program and good lawn care maintenance practices. Parsley-Piert may prove difficult to control with chemicals as it is resistant to most selective herbicides. If you intend going down the chemical route choose a product from the list below, however more than one application will be needed for this lawn weed.

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