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Types of Lawn Mower

Although there a many kinds of mower such as, hover mowers, ride on mowers, pedestrian mowers and electric mowers they will either by a cylinder or rotary lawn mower.

  • Rotary Mower: Rotary mowers are ideal for general purpose lawns & neglected areas where a very fine cut is NOT required. This type of mower is generally cheaper to purchase than a cylinder mower. Rotary mowers are easier to service and maintain than cylinder mowers.

    These mowers cut the lawn by way of a single or multiple blades which are parallel to the lawn, they spin very quickly causing a cutting action which cuts the grass. It is important that the blades are kept sharp so the grass is cut properly.

    Unlike cylinder mowers, rotary mowers will cut lawns that have become a little overgrown, so they are ideal if you can not mow on a regular basis.

  • Cylinder Mower: These type of mowers are a must if you are maintaining a luxury lawn that requires close mowing. Although they are more expensive, more complex and require more maintenance than rotary mowers, they will give a much higher quality of cut.

    Cylinder mowers do not however perform well, when the grass has become overgrown. It is important to have a regular mowing program if using a cylinder mower.

Choosing a lawn mower

When choosing a mower for your lawn a few things need to be considered before you purchase your lawn mower. These include:

  • The size of the lawn: if your lawn covers a large area you may want to consider buying a ride on mower to save time and effort.

  • The quality of cut required: If you are maintaining a fine turf, luxury lawn a cylinder mower would be the preferred choice. A rotary mower would generally be used for a low maintenance or general purpose lawn.

  • Ease of maintenance: Rotary mowers are generally easier and cheaper to maintain than cylinder mowers.

  • Power source of the mower: The two most popular types of power are petrol and electric, while electric is cheaper do you really want a cable following you around?

How to mow a lawn

Although nothing is set in stone when mowing the lawn there are a few factors to consider when carrying out this task.

  • Mowing conditions: Ideally always mow the lawn when it is dry, this will give a cleaner finish, and mower blades cut dry grass better than wet grass.

  • Mowing direction: Always mow in a different direction as this prevents a nap from forming (the grass all lays in the same direction).

  • Clippings removal: Never cut more than 1/3 off the grass leaf in a single mowing operation. If the lawn has become overgrown, gradually lower the mower with each cut.

How high should I mow my lawn

There is no one answer to mowing height and again the figures given here are not set in stone. Anywhere between 13mm & 25mm (1/2" & 1") would be ideal depending on the quality of the lawn. For a high maintenance luxury lawn go for the lower mowing height at 13mm and for a low maintenance lawn choose the higher mowing height.

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