Lawn Maintenance

Lawn mowers & mowing the lawn

Lawn MowerMowing the lawn is the most common task carried out on the lawn, it is frequently mown during the warmer summer period when growth is strong. It is important that you use the correct type of mower, mow at the correct height of cut and maintain the mower correctly.

The lawn mower and mowing page covers all of the above topics and how to get the best results from mowing. MORE INFO

Top dressing the lawn

Top Dressing LawnsFrequently carried out in the late summer and early autumn as part of the autumn renovation program top dressing is an essential lawn care task. Top dressing trues up the lawn, encourages finer grasses, can improve drainage or drought resistance and improves the soil structure.

We have information on which materials to use, how to mix and when to apply to the lawn. MORE INFO

Aerating & spiking the lawn

Lawn AerationAnother important task that is essential for a healthy vigorous lawn. Lawn aeration can come in many forms from spiking to hollow tining. A wide range of tools are available from a simple hand fork to a purpose built lawn aerator.

Our aeration page includes lots of information on this task. Includes the effects of the different types of tine used, when to aerate and the benefits of spiking and aeration. MORE INFO

Scarifying & dethatching the lawn

Scarify LawnsLawn scarification can be carried out in both spring & autumn to remove and prevent the build up of thatch and moss in the lawn. A range of equipment can be used for this task from a spring bok rake to a motorised lawn scarifier or lawn rake.

This operation has many benefits on the health of the lawn which can be found on out scarification page. MORE INFO

Lawn fertiliser & feeding the lawn

Lawn FertiliserAll lawns require vital nutrients to remain healthy, if the soil is deficient in nutrients then the health of the lawn can suffer. We discuss the role of the key nutrients found in fertiliser. Lawn fertiliser falls into two categories, spring/summer and autumn/winter fertiliser.

Visit our lawn fertiliser page for more info on what and when to apply and also what application methods are available. MORE INFO

Spring lawn care

Spring Lawn CareThis is when the hard work on the lawn starts for the coming year. As the ground warms up and the grass starts to grow we can start our spring lawn care program. Jobs during this period can include moss control and removal, spring & summer fertiliser application and weed control.

We have information to help you get the best out of your spring lawn care program ensuring your lawn looks it's best for summer. MORE INFO

Autumn lawn care

Lawn FertiliserJust as the spring program prepares the lawn for the summer, the autumn program prepares it to withstand the harsh winter conditions. This helps the lawn enter the forthcoming spring in a healthier state. Autumn jobs include top dressing, scarifying and applying a suitable feed.

Check out our autumn lawn care page for an in depth look at all the tasks undertaken during this period. MORE INFO


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