Knotgrass [Polygonum aviculare]

Knotgrass lawn weed

General Information: Knotgrass is an annual weed which is rarely found on well maintained lawns but it can often be found where soil compaction is a problem. This weed can grow about 50cm high but it mainly grows prostate smothering the surface.

Leaf: The small knotgrass leaves are lance shaped with a short stalk.

Flower: The flowers of knotgrass are bourn between the leaf and stem. They can be seen from July - October and are white or pink in colour.

Preferred habitat: Knotgrass prefers weak areas of the lawn that have become very compacted.

Control: As knotweed prefers compacted soils, relieving the compaction by aerating will help discourage this weed. Hand weeding is practical for any isolated plants. For a serious problem use a selective weed killer containing dicamba or alternatively a product that contains fluroxypyr & clopyralid like 'Verdone Extra', a repeat application is very rarely needed as Knotgrass is an easy weed to control.

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