Ground Ivy [Glechoma hederacea]

Ground Ivy lawn weed

General Information: Ground Ivy is a perennial weed (sometimes it is confused with speedwell) that can be found in hedge banks, woodland and grassland throughout the UK. It spreads via creeping stems (rhizomes) that root at the nodes. It is a member of the mint family hence the minty smell when it is freshly mown.

Leaf: Ground Ivy leaves are round in shape, with scalloped edges, it has prominent veins and can have a glossy surface.

Flower: The blue/violet flowers of Ground Ivy usually appear in clusters.

Preferred habitat: Ground Ivy can grow on a wide range of soil types.

Control: A very difficult to control, hand weeding may be practical for a few plants. Once it has become established chemical control will be needed. Use a selective weed killer containing either dicamba, 2,4-D or fluroxypyr. A further application 6 weeks later will be needed, even then Ground Ivy may still persist.

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