Greater Plantain (Plantago major)

Greater Plantain

Greater Plantain
General Information: Greater Plantain is a common weed on all types of lawn throughout the UK as it forms a flat rosette that kills the grass underneath the plant. This perennial weed develops a fibrous root system making it very drought tolerant. This weed is also used for many medicinal remedies.

Leaf: Greater Plantain leaves are a broad oval shape and they have distinctive ribs.

Flower: Flowers can be seen from May through to October. The green-grey flowers are formed on a spike and are bourn on a long stem.

Preferred habitat: Greater Plantain can be found on a wide range of conditions and soil types. It is particularly common on heavily compacted soils.

Control: Hand weeding is ideal if there are only a few plants, taking care to remove all of the root or the weed will regenerate again. Regular mowing will help prevent seed head formation thus prevent spreading. Pay attention to the correct lawn care maintenance practices that will encourage a dense sward to prevent weed encroachment and spreading.

For a large infestation a selective herbicide will have to be used. As it is not a difficult weed to control most products available to the consumer should take care of Greater Plantain, one application is usually enough to deal with this broad-leaved weed.

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Recommended selective weed killers for amateur gardeners for the control of Greater Plantain in lawns.

  • Verdone Extra (fluroxypyr, clopyralid & MCPA).
  • Westland lawn weed killer (2,4-D, mecoprop-p & dichlorprop-p).
  • Westland lawn feed, weed & moss killer (2,4-D & mecoprop-p) includes a fertiliser.
  • Westland Resolva lawn weed killer (MCPA, mecoprop-p & dicamba).
  • Vitax green up lawn weed & feed (2,4-D & dicamba) includes a fertiliser.
  • Vitax green up lawn weed & feed + moss killer (2,4-D & mecoprop-p) includes a fertiliser.
  • Vitax lawn clear (fluroxypyr & mecoprop-p)
  • Doff lawn spot weeder (2,4-D, mecoprop-p& dichlorprop-p).
  • Evergreen Complete (MCPA, mecoprop-p).
  • Evergreen feed + weed liquid (MCPA, mecoprop-p & dicamba) includes a fertiliser.

Recommended selective weed killers for lawn and turf care professionals for the control of Greater Plantain in lawns and turf.

  • Scotts Praxys (fluroxypyr, clopyralid & florasulam).
  • Scotts Intrepid 2 (dicamba, dichlorprop-p & MCPA).
  • Scotts Re-act (MCPA, mecoprop-p & dicamba).
  • Barclay Holster (fluroxypyr, 2,4-D and dicamba).
  • Headland Cabadex (florasulam & fluroxypyr).
  • Mascot Crossbar (fluroxypyr, 2,4-D & dicamba).
  • Mascot Junction (florasulam and 2,4-D).
  • Mascot Super Selective (mecoprop-p, MCPA & dicamba).
  • Vitax Esteem (2-4,D, MCPA and clopyralid).

Selective weeds killers should be applied when the weeds are actively growing. This is usually between April and October avoiding periods of drought.

When applying chemicals to lawns always follow the manufacturers application recommendations and the health and safety guidelines for the best results.

Verdone Extra Lawn Weed Killer

Verdone Extra Lawn Weed Killer

Verdone Extra is the ideal product for the control of common lawn and turf weeds. This lawn weed killer will control broad leaved weeds such as Daisy, Dandelion, White, Clover, Lesser Trefoil, Plantains and many more making it a popular choice amongst gardeners and lawn care enthusiasts.

This broad spectrum weed killer contains 3 ingredients fluroxypyr, clopyralid & MCPA which makes it suitable for a wide range of weeds found in garden lawns throughout the UK.

The chemical is diluted with water and is applied to the lawn with a either a sprayer or watering can. This pack contains 1 litre of Verdone Extra which is enough to treat an area of 667 sq/m or over 700 sq/yds.

For the best results Verdone Extra should be applied when the weeds are actively growing during the spring and summer. Avoid applying weed killers during times of turf stress, such as drought and frost. More Info

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