Crowfoot [Ranunculus acris]

Crowfoot lawn weed

General Information: Crowfoot is a is a perennial weed that is part of the buttercup family, it is also known as the Meadow Buttercup. It is the least common of the buttercups. Crowfoot can grow to nearly 1 meter tall when left to grow naturally.

Leaf: Each leaf has five lobes all of which are deeply tootheed.

Flower: Crowfoot flowers during the months of May and August. The yellow flower is a typical buttercup flower with 5 petals.

Preferred Habitat: Crowfoot prefers damp, moist soils.

Control: For a few individual plants hand weeding is prefereable. For a more widespread problem use a selective weed killer containing fluroxypyr & clopyralid such as 'Verdone Extra'. Repeat again 6 weeks later if necessary.

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