Creeping Thistle [Cirsium arvense]

Creeping Thistle lawn weed

General Information: Creeping Thistle is a perennial weed which spreads by seed and is one of the most common thistles in the UK. Rarely a problem in established lawns, it is more problematic in newly seeded lawns. However once regular mowing is in place it should eventually disappear.

Leaf: Creeping Thistle leaves are wavy and spiny. They generally less fleshy and pale green compared with other thistles.

Flower: Creeping Thistle flowers form in clusters, are a lilac/purple colour and can be seen from June to September.

Preferred habitat: Creeping Thistles favour newly sown lawns.

Control: As we have previously stated this weed is more of a problem in newly sown lawns and can be eradicated with regular mowing. It is not a problem in established lawns. A selective weed killer is not normally necessary but if you need to treat this weed use a product containing mecoprop or dicamba.

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