Creeping Cinquefoil [Potentilla reptans]

Creeping Cinquefoil

Creeping Cinquefoil
General Information: Creeping Cinquefoil is a perennial weed and is a common weed on neglected lawns and turf in the UK. It is rarely a problem on well maintained lawns. It spreads by creeping stems which root at intervals.

Leaf: Creeping Cinquefoil leaves has five leaflets. Leaves are strawberry like with toothed edges. The leaf of Creeping Cinquefoil is similar to that of Silverweed.

Flower: Creeping Cinquefoil flowers are yellow and are visible from June to October, producing 5 heart shaped petals.

Preferred habitat: Creeping Cinquefoil is common on neglected lawns.

Control: Hand weeding may prove difficult. Regular raking or light scarifying will help weaken cinquefoil. For a serious problem use a selective weed killer containing Dicamba or Mecoprop or alternatively a modern mixture such as fluroxypyr & clopyralid such as 'Verdone Extra', a repeat application about 6 weeks later will most likely be needed.

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