Doves-Foot Cranesbill [Geranium molle]

Doves-foot Cranesbill lawn weed

General Information: Doves-foot cranesbill is an annual weed that prefers dry soils and is common on lawns throughout the UK.

Leaf: The leaves of doves-foot cranesbill are rounded in shape, slightly hairy and consists of 5-7 individual lobes.

Flower: Cranesbill flowers from April to September. They can vary in colour from light pink to purple.

Preferred habitat: Doves-Foot Cranesbill can be found in a variety of soil types but prefers free draining soils that are low in nutrients.

Control: Hand weeding may be practical if there are only a few plants. For a large infestation a selective herbicide will have to be used. Use a selective weed killer containing a mixture of Dicamba and Mecoprop, a repeat application about 6 weeks later will almost be certainly be needed to effectively control this weed.

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