Autumn Hawkbit [Leontodon autumnalis]

Autumn hawkbit

Autumn Hawkbit
General Information: Autumn Hawkbit which is often mistaken for dandelion is a perennial weed. This rosette type weed has a strong tap root.

Leaf: As prevoiusly mentioned the leaves are similar to those of the dandelion but hawkbit leaves are narrower. The smooth, glossy leaves are visibly pointed and toothed

Flower: Autumn hawkbit produces several yellow flowers which are bourne on branched stalks. The flowers can be seen between June and October.

Preferred habitat: Autumn Hawkbit can tolerate a wide range of soil types.

Control: Hand weeding is practical if only a few plants are present, but be sure to remove the whole of the tap root or the weed will regrow. If chemicals are to be used consider spot treating as the weed grows as individual plants. Use a selective weed killer containing fluroxypyr & clopyralid such as 'Verdone Extra', or alternatively a product containing 2,4-D & mecoprop, one application should be sufficient.

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