Lawn Weeds

Lawn Weeds Introduction

Lawn WeedsWeeds can be one of the most frustrating and annoying problems on the garden lawn. Nothing spoils a lawn in the summertime like weeds.

However with the correct lawn care program weeds can be discouraged and the damage caused can be kept to a minimum. We cover many topics on maintaining your lawn to keep it in tip top condition that will help discourage weeds and many other lawn care problems.

We have lots advice and tips on preventing weeds becoming a nuisance, information on weed control methods that are available. We also have a comprehensive weed images chart to help with lawn weed identification.

Lawn Weed Control

Weed ControlWe cover every aspect of lawn weed control, when to control by cultural and when to control using chemical means. Tips and advice on choosing the correct weather and ground conditions and when to use selective herbicide's for optimum results.

We discus the different types of weed killer available for the control of lawn weeds and the equipment used for the application of chemicals.

Once the weeds have died and have been removed from the lawn our recovery plan will help your get back in pristine condition. For more information please visit our lawn weed control page.

Lawn Weed Prevention

Weed PreventionWeeds will always be a problem on all types of lawns at different times of the year. However by using the correct lawn care practices, the damage caused by lawn weeds can be kept to a minimum.

Our weed prevention and lawn maintenance section covers a wide range of topics to help you maintain your lawn and keep it in pristine condition. Keeping your lawn in a healthy state will help stop the ingress and spread of weeds in your lawn.

This reduces the need to apply expensive chemicals which in turn is better for the environment which is so important these days.

Lawn Weed Identification

Weed IdentificationBefore any weed control can be undertaken, you must first make a positive identification of the weed. Failing to do this can result using the incorrect product, therefore wasting time and money.

Our weed identification page covers most common lawn weeds to help you identify the weeds causing you problems. There is information on each weed helping you with identification and help with which product to use for optimum lawn weed control.

Most importantly each page also includes clear pictures of the weed in question to help you with your identification.

Lawn Care Maintenance

Lawn MaintenanceThis section covers many topics on essential lawn care maintenance practices. The topics here include routine tasks such as lawn aeration, lawn top dressing, scarifying lawns and fertilising & feeding lawns.

As well as weed problems and lawn maintenance we discus lawn care problems too, including moss control, worm problems on lawns, leather-jackets, mole problems and more.

Each subject is covered in great depth, with information on each topic resulting in a healthy, vigorous lawn free of weeds and other problems.

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